She Needed a Hero, So That’s What She Became


There have been times when I was waiting for someone to rescue me and they didn’t. There were people that I thought I could count on, who genuinely loved me, but couldn’t do what I needed to do. They didn’t have what I needed, they couldn’t be my saviors. I have a savior, his name is Jesus. I should not expect anyone to take on the work that only God and I can do. I believe that God has equipped me with everything I need. I also believe that when I don’t have it all that it means that I’m supposed to team up with the right person to do the work together. I wasn’t made to be alone or work solo. I’m a human. I’m a diasporic African. I’m a Christian. To me, those things mean that I’m communal. In community, we have built civilizations, survived the Ma’afa, made a way out of no way, and created beauty in the face of horror. In community, we have and can continue to do great things. We can overcome. We have overcome. We are powerful. I am powerful.

“She need a hero, so that’s what she became” but not alone. Never alone. I have a team.


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