My Bump, My Birth, My Baby: Herbs for Pregnancy and Family

Herbal Rising

My Bump, My Birth, My Baby

My Bump, My Birth, My Baby: Herbs for Pregnancy and Family

Saturday, April 25th, 2015 from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Watoto Wetu Academy, Bronzeville, Chicago

Cost: Sliding scale $20-50

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Brief Description: This workshop is an introductory herbal demonstration and collective preparation of herbal formulas for the childbearing year.  If you are interested in herbal remedies that can be used during pregnancy, to promote self-love in birth, and for the littles ones in your home, then this workshop is for you. After this skill share, participants will be able to take home their herbal preparations along with the confidence to replicate these herbal recipes at home in their healing laboratories.

All proceeds for this workshop will be donated to Watoto Wetu Academy. Watoto Wetu Academy is a community-based independent school. WWA’s Afrikan-centered, holistic education builds community leaders and nurtures the whole child. For more information about Watoto Wetu Academy, please visit their

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To Be Conditionally Unaccepted: When You Are Denied Tenure

This is a very important article. I want to make sure to blog this. She offers a great way to process and deal with rejection in professional life. Very much appreciated.

Conditionally Accepted

crowderRev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder (@stepbcrowder) is the Director of Theological Field Education at Chicago Theological Seminary (full biography at the end).  In this guest blog post, Dr. Chowder reflects on the painful experience of being denied tenure, but also on bouncing back, and even seeing the “silver lining,” in this (temporary) professional setback.  She offers some tips for other scholars who have been denied tenure to remain resilient.


To Be Conditionally Unaccepted

“Isn’t it crazy how the world tries to make us ashamed of so much.” I heard this recently from someone describing shame emanating from unexpected health challenges. Things beyond our control can so quickly become a source of embarrassment. Pride, professional expectations, and pretention easily spiral to chagrin. When plans do not go, well, according to plan, it is common to press the “shame on you” default button. Discussing success is the academy is…

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