First Year of Graduate Studies: A Reflection

This is good.

Son of the Fathers

I turned in my final paper for the semester on a Saturday night (technically Sunday morning, I think) a few weeks ago and thus finished up my first year here at Notre Dame. The last year has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already summer. I’m going to be staying in South Bend, tutoring Latin, taking a class this summer (Patristic and Medieval Interpretation of the Psalter with Ann Astell), and preparing for my own class in the Fall (teaching Latin 1).

Here are some bits of advice I’ve come up with from this year:

1) Don’t take everything personally. You are not your work. You could absolutely fail every exam and paper and your worth wouldn’t reduce a single iota. It is extremely easy to get wrapped up in our work, staking out our identities in what we study. You have value beyond your Eco-Feminist reading of Virgil…

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