I never post anymore, I just reblog…oh, well…

Wasn’t I supposed to be writing about my Sabbatical? Oh, yeah, my bad. Let me work on this. Watching Game of Thrones, Season 4. Was happy to see women with small natural breasts. Weird thought. Only in an imaginary land is it okay to have natural and small breasts. I’m sure I’m exaggerating. Maybe not? 

This is going to be super random. I’m happy to have electricity at home. It was off for 4 days. My husband did some awesome stuff today, the Comed tech did some cool work, shout out to the “line watcher”. Weirdest job ever. Standing near a downed power line watching it until it’s fixed. I’m actually impressed by this person but it seems like it would be no fun at all. Lawn chair, please? I appreciate his work though, for real! Thankful. 

Grumpy about racism, sexism, classism, and other stupidity that hurts people and separates. More work to do. Not all my work. But I need to say stuff sometimes. Sometimes i say what I shouldn’t. I want to get more wisdom and learn how to articulate better and explain more clearly and choose my battles. 




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