Overcoming Life’s Circumstances One Letter at a Time: Akeelah and the Bee

DP Talks wrote a great blog post about my favorite movie, Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah-and-the-BeeAkeelah and the Bee is a great movie for a number of reasons. One, it just works. There’s excellent acting by Keke Palmer , Laurence Fishburne , and Angela Bassett but also very strong writing. The script manages to tackle disparities in the American education system, which cannot be addressed without including racial and socioeconomic influences, in a way that’s somehow both subtle and resounding.

11- year-old, Akeelah’s quest to secure the National Spelling Bee Championship is a triumphant journey that draws you into the excitement of … spelling bees? Yes, it’s hard to imagine a movie about a spelling bee as enthralling. But the juxtaposition of Akeelah’s thirst for knowledge with her life circumstances and those circumstances pitted against Akeelah’s privileged counterparts make for a dramatic expose about overcoming the odds.

According to every stereotype and even some pretty convincing statistics, Akeelah shouldn’t even be a contender for graduating…

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Systematic Theology/Argh/Yey (x2)

My summary of my experience from my first week of school. Modified from an email I sent to my advisor. 

“Systematic Theology is going to be great and terrible. Argh. I’m thankful for anti-racist, non-sexist commitments, good ground rules and [MJ] as TA. Helpful and comforting. Yey!

I must say James Cone & Womanist theologians as my guides & journey mates through Greek philosophy & Euro theological thought sure beats Tillich. [C. and M.] rocked it. So, yey some more.

Also, I decided on Theories of Change instead of Christian Ethics. The first class was very powerful. Hopefully,  I made the right choice.”