AmpRant (and celebration):

I am happy to say that I have a female prosthetist! I am beside myself! So happy. I have never in my 20+ years of being an amputee, ever had the opportunity to work with a woman! I have been frustrated by the limitations of the male prosthetists in my area. They didn’t quite know what to do with me. When I’d mention color, shapeliness, damage to my clothing or other things that I, as a woman, care about, I’d get a blank stare…I’ve been told that I’m picky. I’ve been told that they can’t make my color without it turning blue. Who uses blue to make tan? I’m not picky, I’m a woman and I want it to be functional, mechanical and beautiful. Why would I want to be curvy on one side and not the other? Why would I want a strong muscular thigh on one side and a no curves on the other? Where is the artfulness? Why shouldn’t I want the color of my socket to match my actual skin and not some crapful “negroid” color and who says negroid anymore? Yeah, it’s stupid. So I’m hoping this prosthestist, who happens to be a woman, will be able to figure out some of the answers to these questions. I hope she makes it! If not, I will continue to forge ahead. With every new leg, there is an improvement so I guess I can’t fully lose. I would love to get closer to winning though.


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