A New Job – Assistant Minister/Youth Pastor

I have a new job! A ministry job! I am the Assistant Minister & Youth Pastor of a Disciples of Christ congregation in the South Suburbs! I’m so excited. This is a 20 hour per week job and I need to figure out my schedule. I want to have office hours and figure out activities and tasks but I’m going non stop! I have to get a handle on this and write. Write the Youth Ministry vision, write the Sunday School Curriculum, write the plan for a 12 week September Bible study. It’s all very exciting. I have got to get a computer and get organized. It’s really crazy right now. Oh and I need to:

  • order my own phone and phone line
  • post my wishlist
  • write a sermon
  • meet with parents
  • read the constitution and bylaws
  • plan the evening Disciples Women’s group and make it appealing to women under 50.
  • do my schedule
  • get my new cell phone since I lost the old one in my house! Ugh

I’ve got to write this vision. It will help me pray and plan and work better.

This church is working on transformation, they are making youth ministry a priority and it’s very, very exciting! There so much to be done but we appear to be doing it. We have begun and God is moving in the place. Hearts, minds and spirits are being touched and it’s so very exciting. There is a core group working on this and I will continue to pray for more willing hands and hearts. We are trusting God to prepare us, send us the right folks and prepare us for whomever we are to receive.

Prepare our hearts and minds, Lord. Help us to submit to you. Please make each one of us and our congregation exactly what you want us to be. Amen.


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