A Different Life

I’ve started reading a blog called http://www.happyblackwoman.com and it’s really awesome. This woman is doing a lot of the things I’d like to do. She is a consultant, public speaker, teacher and life coach. I think that is amazing.

She has a blog entry called How to Have a Different Life that really resonated with me. She told her story, gave some simple steps to get to the life you want and asked some questions to get me started thinking about a plan to get there. I feel like I’m on the way but I know that there are things I can be doing now to further prepare, besides grad school, to get where I want to go. Everything I want to do does not require a degree, actually none of it does, but I know I want things to be a certain way. This desire for degrees and accreditation does not mean that I can’t do what I’m meant to do right now.

One of the things I’ve done to prepare is to actually apply for a job that I want. Another is that I’ve decided to take a year off to work and improve my family’s financial situation. Another thing I’ve done is to decide to switch schools and make a plan to handle that. There are many more things I can do.

So here is what she said at the end of this entry:

Yes, it’s hard, but it’s actually not that hard. Not harder than working for someone your whole life just to “retire” and have fun, relaxation and wealth when you’re 65. That life is NOT for me. It never was. This is how to have a different life: Confess your big dream. Take the first step. Commit yourself fully. Distance yourself from negative people. Ignore the economy.  Get training. Work hard. There really isn’t one magic formula other people have that you don’t. A different life is available to you if you want it.

Post your responses to the following questions in the comments:

  1. What does your “different life” look like?
  2. What’s the first step you need to take to become the CEO of you?


I’m going to work on this in the areas that interest me most, including the job, God willing, that I hope to get. I’m excited to do my part. I believe that God has a plan for me and it involves learning how to really run my own life instead of waiting for things to happen. I believe that God is going to get me there and this is one of the ways that I can get my life in order so that I can truly enjoy the journey.

Care to join me?

More later, fellow heros!