New EDD 08/23/2010

Okay so I want to see my new OB. Her name is Dr. Nicole Leong and she is awesome. She SAT DOWN and TALKED to me! Ain’t it sad when that is a big deal? I enjoyed talking to her. We discussed all sorts of stuff. VBAC, being 39, natural vs. caesarean, etc. Last Friday, I had an ultrasound and the tech complimented me on having my dates right based on the baby’s size. She also said that my prosthesis was cold on her arm which is really funny. I never would have thought of that. Obviously we discovered that when she was doing an internal ultrasound. She did a belly one too because my ovaries were hiding. Too funny. Anyway, I sent the pictures to my friends, moms and dad. It was nice. I better go I’m supposed to be running errands.


One thought on “New EDD 08/23/2010

  1. Sadly, the relationship between Nicole and I went sour. Although I told her what I wanted, I didn’t realize that the hospital I chose was a medical intervention festival. Sad. When it was time for vacation and I was 39 weeks, she wanted to induce before she went on vacation. I was confused. I thought I had met all her partners for that very reason. We had a brief discussion, she did not provide me with sufficient information to convince me that I should do it so we were done. Before I left, she asked me if she could check me to see if I was dilated and in the middle of sticking her finger up there she just swept my membranes without asking! It was crazy! I started crying and she was all freaked out. She was like I’m so sorry, are you okay, are you okay and i told her no. I’m not okay. She was super apologetic but she wanted me to make her feel better. I had nothing for her. When we first started I told her about my negative experience with Dr DiGiovanni and she should have known. TALK TO ME FIRST. ASK ME. Anyway, we let her go. We moved on. She referred us to her partner for our next visit and by the time we came back, the fluid in my sack was so low it could be dangerous so they had to do a C-Section. It totally sucked. But I have an awesome baby. Next time, we may not use an OB. I don’t need any intervention hounds anywhere near my body.

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