New EDD 08/23/2010

Okay so I want to see my new OB. Her name is Dr. Nicole Leong and she is awesome. She SAT DOWN and TALKED to me! Ain’t it sad when that is a big deal? I enjoyed talking to her. We discussed all sorts of stuff. VBAC, being 39, natural vs. caesarean, etc. Last Friday, I had an ultrasound and the tech complimented me on having my dates right based on the baby’s size. She also said that my prosthesis was cold on her arm which is really funny. I never would have thought of that. Obviously we discovered that when she was doing an internal ultrasound. She did a belly one too because my ovaries were hiding. Too funny. Anyway, I sent the pictures to my friends, moms and dad. It was nice. I better go I’m supposed to be running errands.