Telling a Secret – because this blog is anonymous!!! Well, sort of…

So, I am pretty darn sure that I’m pregnant and I really want to tell the world but according to the pregnancy calculator, I’m only 4 weeks pregnant. Amusingly enough, I peed on that EPT stick and it turned almost immediately. Did I mention that the pregnancy test expired in March of 2009 and that the instructions advised me not to use an expired test? So, yeah, I used it and that little plus sign popped right up!! Very exciting. Now I have to go get a free pregnancy test. Free because we don’t currently have health insurance because of our financial situation. Free because I’d rather spend our money on food or health insurance or car insurance or home owners insurance or the mortgage. All of which have either lapsed or we are severely behind on (note that sentence ended with a preposition).   LOL. So, I’m working on all of this. I’m pregnant! It’s like yelling in a whisper. I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant.

The last pregnancy was ectopic. I lost that baby so quick it was mind boggling and it’s taken (taking) about 2 years or so to get over it. Over it? Through it is more accurate. I’m so excited. My son needs a sibling, oh, so bad. In my opinion, he will thrive having another person in his house and someone that he feels he can take care of and be in charge of. Except, of course, I hope I rarely tell him that he is in charge of her(him). I think it will be a boy but I’d love a girl. A brother would be so cool. He always talks about his imaginary brother. I wonder what a real one would be like. Of course, the perfect little cookie cutter scenario would be a girl as the second child. I’ll take what God gives me, I want what God says is best for me. I have girl names though. The boy name is harder:

Leon, Lyon, Leo, Lennox, Lee, Lionel, Lane (Lain, Laine)?, Lawson, Leo, Levi, Liam, Lloyd, LOGAN (I like this one), Lynden, Lalo, Lombard (no), Lowery, Leonardo, Lyle (Lisle)… I like Logan. We’ll see.

One day at a time and we have a very long way to go before names are a serious topic. Although, I’d like very much to pick one now. I have a girl name already, actually, I have a few.

According to the pregnancy calculator, my due date is August 21, 2010 which is sooo cool because it is 3 days before my husbands birthday. Now that would be cool.

Now it’s about health, nutrition and fitness. Lot’s of self-care. I’m so happy. I’m almost, pretty much certain that I’m pregnant. I’m not telling anyone but you so keep it a secret, okay? Thanks. Oh, please do me a favor and pray for me and my family. We need all the help we can get and your prayers would be oh, so appreciated.

Blessings and Joy,



2 thoughts on “Telling a Secret – because this blog is anonymous!!! Well, sort of…

  1. I have to whisper congratulations????! I am so happy for you, I whisper as well! Have we talked since this discovery? Because if we have, you’re in trouble.

    I have another boy name: Linwood. That’s the husband of a good friend of mine. I think Lane is better than Lain or Laine, for my two cents. I remember reading Logan somewhere else. What does it mean?

    And you haven’t shared any girl names, lady. That would be so cute to see a little {CSH} running around behind {Your son}. Either way would be perfect. So I get to crochet more little hats and booties. Just tell me the color. 😀

  2. Hey, thank you sooo much! We’ve talked since then but wanted to reply. I got ultrasound pictures recently so I think I’m ready to go public. I am gradually telling folks. It’s very exciting. If this blog is pseudo-anonymous…you can’t be using my name, sugar. LOL!! I’m very excited about this baby. In terms of colors. Let’s go with primary colors and unisex baby colors for now. Something tells me it’s a girl but I’ll know for sure in about 5 to 10 weeks.
    We just entered week 10! Hallelujah! I love you!

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