Testimony about ministry and pastoring

So I sat in my hotel room with my brother’s girlfriend today. I told her about being a minister. How it happened to me, why I love it, what it means to ‘be’ with people and how awesome it is…I love this work. I love my life. I’m thankful for the opportunities I have to learn and grow, the people I get to meet and journey with…I am still afraid. BUT I’m not going to stop. There is something amazing, again, around every corner. I want to be there for the next amazing something (someone). I want to be there to see people grow, to see people get delivered, to hug and pass out tissue, to c celebrate and to mourn. To eff up and to triumph in this thing called life, in this thing called ministry, in this thing called relationship. I want to grow up in this thing called ministry. I even want to visit the hospital and the funeral home. I do and I will. Sharing life in it’s good and bad incarnations seems to be what I love about ministry. “Hello, I’m csh and I’ll be your co-journeyer until God says different…Oh, and I’ll be preaching sermons, sharing what I learn from God with you and praying for you too.  And I have every expectation that you will do the same with me – on purpose and on accident.” I think that is what pastoring is so far. Of course, there’s more but I feel like this is a big part of it.

Oh and the other thing. “I’ll be trying really hard to take care of myself and be introspective and reflective and repentant and real with myself so I can be real with you. I think, that might be good for both of us.”  This, I believe, not only improves my relationship with God but my relationship with myself and with others.

I pray God will bless this journey.


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