Weigh In – 138lbs

Okay, stats:

Starting Weight: 140

04/26/2009 138

Goal Weight: 125

This whole thing started because of problems with my leg. My prosthesis seemed to be chewing into it and I was going without it more than I ever have. That, in and of itself, was a challenge and taught me how to be quite brave on crutches. A few weeks ago I was at my in-laws house and got on the scale. I was 140 lbs without my prosthesis. This, my friend is no good. So I that is when it all became clear. Weight gain => Leg problems. So the solution to this is weight loss. I’m working to exercise more. Drink 4 bottles of water per day = 67ishounces. Track my eating and activity on www.fatsecret.com. Partnering with my husband and one of my sistergirls. Two lbs. So happy. Keep it going. Superheros need to be fit to do their jobs.


The May 10 lb Challenge

So I started this challenge on Monday but I’ve been working on some idea of dieting since last week. It’s only been a few days and I already feel thinner. It makes nooo sense! I feel thinner. My pants fit better. Is it the water? Is it all that peeing. I don’t know. I’m sure it’s psychological but I don’t care. I look good. Now if I can just get myself to the gym. In the meantime, keep trying to walk.