Yes, sex. I said it. Sex is very important to me. It has been for a very long time. I think sometimes that people don’t think that Christians should talk about it. And when we do talk about it they expect us to be scolding and figure pointing. Ugh. God created this fabulous goodness and we of all people need to talk about it! Who better? We should talk about more than anyone else. In my opinion,

Our children should know more and first! We don’t need to put our kids out there to get played. Give them the tools to counter some of that ridiculous mis-information

Our marriages and our bedrooms should be healthier and hotter. Get what you want, give what they need and make sure that chandelier is anchored! How can your spouse know what you need unless you talk about it? You both deserve to be happy so get yours. Quit playin’, quit frontin’ and speak up. And if its good,  say so!

We should be teaching the classes!

So I’m going to write about it and I’m going to talk about it and I’m going to say my piece.

Love is beautiful, marriage is beautiful and sex rocks!

I have a lot to say. I’ll try to keep it clean but I also want you to know how good it can be to have the ‘legal’ as I like to call it.

If you are not married, hold onto that! That’s interest compounded daily, there are penalties for early distribution of the 401(k), homie. Yeah, its difficult, duh. But embrace your sexuality and your hotness. Don’t look at is as deprivation. Be glad you can feel it because you have something to look forward to. Ride the wave, feel the heat and write poem or a letter to your future spouse. Walk around with a smile on face and let people wonder what is up with you and why on earth there is steam rising from your scalp. Ripe fruit is better. So hold up, gym shoe. Let the oven pre heat and turn that skillet down to simmer. Put your crockpot on low and let it marinate, let it steep because it’ll taste better.

No need to pass all that precious goodness out to fools who a) won’t appreciate your cooking, b) are not worthy to sit at your table and/or c) aren’t interested in sticking around to get to know the chef. You don’t have to give samples either. Us who served ours early can tell you the ‘legal’ is much better. Better for your heart, your mind, your health, your happiness… So, do your best. You can start again if need be. You won’t regret it…

Let it simmer, baby.


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