More about the Summer

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise (My granny would chuckle), I’d like to get a few things done around the homestead as well:

  1. Clean Sweep!
  2. Garage Sales – one at the beginning of Summer, one at the end of Summer and a Fall one.
  3. Make my yard green.
  4. Make my backyard pretty. Create the sanctuary. Create a fun place for Lo to party.
  5. Backyard BBQ or two.
  6. Host Iron Chef African America – Dueling Grills
  7. Buy a grill or two.
  8. Fix up Lawrence’s room
  9. Avon! Finish online classes, get some fundraisers scheduled…
  10. Find Lolo a pre-school.
  11. Lolo’s 3rd B-day party
  12. Cook.
  13. Target weight 125
  14. More Hebrew
  15. Super Hero Body – use the track, yoga, pilates, stretchy bands, dance class, flexibility exercises, martial arts
  16. Paint
  17. Poetry
  18. Journal here more often
  19. Wife
  20. More time with Lo, lots of outside play, potty training and pre-schoolin’.

I will endeavor to report back with updates (and possibly post a few pictures) on the aforementioned items.


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