Create-Your-Own Summer Internship

After all I’ve been through this quarter I decided that I would not do C.P.E. (Clinical Pastoral Education) this summer. C.P.E. is basically an chaplaincy internship. They can be done at a hospice, hospital, nursing home, community center, etc. I want to do hospice but not this time. I’m not ready. I need to heal and recover and I want a summer to do me. So I sat down with Pastor AJ and put together a plan. I’ve added a few things to the list since then:

  • Launch the Women’s Group
  • Launch the Resume/Job Posting Ministry
  • Community Partnerships – Angel’s Touch, BIAMA, City Council Meetings
  • Preaching – Once per month
  • Teach a Bible Study – Once per month
  • Pastoral Care – Office hours twice per week
  • Shadowing PAJ – Go with AJ to do ministry stuff and talk about what to and how to and when to, etc.
  • Update the church website and get the blog going.
  • Get people in place to do the administration stuff after while I am doing my field placement next year.

That ought to learn me and make the summer fly by. I’m nervous about preaching and teaching. I’m afraid I will not be good but I also know it will be okay.


2 thoughts on “Create-Your-Own Summer Internship

  1. good question! hahaha. At least one aspect is support group. The other part is a community book club. Complete with childcare. If you have suggestions, I’m listening.

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