My first paper

Woohoo! That was so hard! And its not that good. Its done, but its not that good. Its a good idea, but its not that good. I handed it in and found a flaming typo!! One of those, oops I put the cursor in the wrong place and just started writing kind of typos. Ugleeee. Oh well, its turned in now. I’ll be interested to get Dr. Gilpin’s comments. I’m considering this paper to be the baseline. It will help me figure out what he wants and what he expects. Maybe. And then I can move forward and improve.

I enlisted the help of the sweet husband (Mr. Journalism) and Crystal (writing diva and PhD candidate) to look it over and  give input so I can fix it and I know what to do next time. yey. I am also going to ask Yanna to take a lookie at it and give me some feedback. I want to get good at this again. I recall being a good writer in undergrad and I know I’ve been a pretty good writer since then so now I need to get my skills back. Crystal recommended a class called Academic & Professional Writing so I think I will take that next quarter to help me out.

I love to write and read so, in theory, I can only improve from here and the possibility of having fun while I’m at it seems likely.


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