From May 27, 2007 – Corporate Challenge: 3.5 miles in 01:20:35

I had to add this, I took this entry from my other blog:

I’m on cloud nine. Thursday, I walked the Corporate Challenge. It was so cool. Lewis, Lolo, Ayanna and Mendy all came to support me. Mendy walked it with me. It was a 3.5 mile route in downtown Chicago. It was so fun. I took my cane in my backpack, just in case I needed it. We took our time and talked and enjoyed the scenery as we walked. It was such a wonderful experience and a beautiful sister moment for Mendy and I. I thought we finished dead last but I found out I was wrong. Everyone was cleaning up and having parties at their tents and I was getting tired so I told Mend, forget it, that I wanted to go my company tent but then we started talking about the finish line. Maybe I should finish. I think you should. Where is it? And she pointed. It was SO close!! I was like, “give me my cane!” And I took off!!! Mendy was not expecting that so she had to speed up some to catch me. Seeing that finish line, really gave me energy!! And the folks who had finished already were partying by them so Im hearing Crystal Waters singing, “100%, Pure Love” so we just kicked it to the finish line to the beat!! Three people who saw me cross cheered for me. Another guy saw my leg and then said. “You go, champion!” It was awesome. I called my Dad, then my mom! I was so feeling it. I’m still feeling it!! Lew hugged me! I love my husband!!! Ayanna hugged me! It was such a good moment. So I completed the 3.5 mile course in 1 hour, 20 minutes and 35 seconds and only used my cane for the last block and a half. Over the moon, dude. So now I’m looking for my next one. I also have some long range goals for some serious distance challenges….stay tuned. Life is so exciting. I feel like I’ve had a personal breakthough. Thank you, Jesus!!!


Thank you, Lord, for one more day

I was writing an email to my cousin Angie and as I finished it, I wrote at the bottom, “I should probably blog this.” So here it is:

My last day of work in Tuesday and I missed today. ahhaah. lolo had a rash but the doctor thinks its heat rash. okay, fine. So tonight I work and then tomorrow, I turn in my laptop and my id and head home.

Amazing and scary. School starts on Aug 27. I’m going to have a busy week though.
15 – Take Lawrence to daycare. Take my friend Shereice to the salon to get all her hair cut off. Meeting Terminix to correct a big problem that started when my sweet husband found a lovely 9 drawer dresser – he forgot to check it before he brought it in the house. Yeah, you know what was in there…..Then I’m going to bible study.
16 – Take Lo to daycare. Get ready for the garage sale(23,24,25). I am cleaning out the back room and selling everything I can. This is the coolest room with lots of windows and beautiful wood everywhere and its been doing nothing but housing boxes. I also am using it as a way to make some money since I am not going to make any other than Avon until after I finish Hebrew class. Thank God for student loans (now, there’s something you don’t want to say).
17 – Take Lew to work and then party with Lolo, pack and go back and pick up Lew and drive to Des Moines for my cousin Micah’s 1st birthday(sat) and my nephew Jonathan’s baptism(sun). I am so excited!!
Next week, more unboxing and cleaning. Girl, I cannot wait!! I am feeling so free but so broke. Please pray for me. Part of me is quite scared of this leap. I know God will take care of us.

Okay, so there it is. A landmark in my journey. Tomorrow, August 14th is my last day of work at my old job. Possibly my last day ever working in “Corporate America,” we’ll see. We’ll see where God leads. Please God, don’t let me screw this up and please don’t make me ever go back. Help me to excel, help me to succeed. I want to win. I want to get awesome grades. I want to do great things for the kingdom of God. I have about a trillion things to do and no motivation. Help me complete my timesheets (6 months worth). Shame on me, its so wrong to do that. Help me wade through all that paper. Help me finish my day at a decent time so my boss isn’t standing over me waiting for me to leave. I need to get up early, get there, handle the business and leave.

In spite of all the things I can’t complete whether they are my fault or not, I hope I can manage to leave on good terms. I want them to think well of me. Most of my friends still wonder why I care. But I care. Except when I don’t, of course. I’m plum out of steam.

I hope I can get some energy before the night is out to clean out my emails. But if I don’t, I am still glad that it will be over. It is so exhilarating to begin again on fresh turf. I can’t wait to learn.

Thanks, God. Sorry about the mess. Forgive me and thanks so much.